Reporting & Transparency

What gets measured gets done.

We take your sustainability progress to the next level through reporting and transparency approaches to: demonstrate leadership, help manage and identify hotspots (which can lead to environmental and cost savings), and help strengthen existing partnerships as well as build new ones by showing your commitment and progress.

The reporting and transparency support we’ve provided have resulted in client experiences ranging from:

  • Enabling organizational culture committed to measurement and progress.
  • Demonstrated leadership on managing impacts and progress to perspective industry, peers, and public.
  • Clear picture on impacts, hot-spots and identified areas for focus to improve and achieve cost reductions.
  • Meet industry and consumer driven disclosure and transparency demand.
  • Demonstrating continuous improvement on sustainability culture and commitment.

Our services span:
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  • Measuring Sustainability (Performance Tracking)

    We implement tools to chart sustainability performance versus your goals for environmental and social responsibility metrics and key performance indicators. We also provide advanced sustainability performance measuring systems that can be developed to integrate with your systems for automated performance tracking.

    • Dashboards
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Progression and Achievement vs. Short-term, Long-term, and Visionary Goals
    • Automated to Manual tools fitting the client need and budget
  • Sustainability Reporting

    We can develop and manage your sustainability reporting for internal and external purposes to demonstrate your organization’s environmental and social responsibility goals, progress, programs, and commitment. Depending on your need we can satisfy your reporting requirements. The areas of reporting we provide:

    • Corporate Social Responsibility reports
    • Sustainability reports
    • Transparency & Disclosure – Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reporting