About Us

Rod Anderson Founder & President

Rod Anderson
Founder & President

Who We Are
Terra Stewardship is a sustainability consultancy. We are committed and passionate to being stewards for our planet and world community to help ensure that future generations will inherit a sustainable thriving planet.

What We Do
We partner with organizations, from large to small, to help them with their stewardship efforts by embedding sustainability into their culture and the way they do business to result in a lasting commitment to the environment and social responsibility.

We strive to provide exceptional expertise and guidance through a strategic approach of assessment, planning, implementation, measurement, performance reporting, and continual sustainability improvement focus on culture, processes, operations, products and services.

Our Mission
The mission of Terra Stewardship is to transform organizations by helping them adopt and embed green (sustainable) practices into their business process and culture to meet and exceed their environmental stewardship and social responsibility to the planet and world community.

Our Approach
We will engage and partner with you to identify your needs via a sustainability assessment. From the assessment we provide options of short, mid-term, and long-term solutions to meet your objectives and timing.

As your sustainability programs are developed and implemented we will partner with your organization to guide you through the change management process. We help identify the key teams and individuals that are critical to successful implementation. We also work with you to build broad employee engagement to support your sustainability journey.

We believe one of the best ways to build for a sustainable future is through education. For your sustainability program we will provide the knowledge to your teams, supply chain, retail partners, and customers.

We work with a broad range of organizations. From those that need support building their sustainability plan and implementing initiatives, to others that already have a defined plan and need help implementing their initiatives.