Partnership Strategies

Collaboration is ESSENTIAL.

The distance traveled (both value and accomplishment) of sustainability is magnified when collaborating up and down stream with partners to arrive at shared value. The shared value builds multi-level wins while improving conditions or solving real environmental and social problems.

The partnership strategies we provide have resulted in client experiences ranging from:

  • Enhanced relationships with customers and suppliers enabling bigger wins in the context of triple bottom line accounting (environment, social, and economic).
  • Enabled shared value with partners and indirect parties resulting in multi-win-win-win results while improving end consumer product quality and impacts.
  • Stakeholder engagement upstream and downstream.
  • Seeding business growth and long term stability.


Our services span:
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  • Customer Sustainability Partnerships

    Partnering with customers on sustainability is a requirement in the business world these days.  Without strong partnerships are you in business still in a year, two, or five years from now?  Maybe so.  But how much environmental, social, and economic opportunity will have been missed?

    We help organization take the next step in strengthening customer partnerships on sustainability to arrive at shared value in the following ways:

    • Research and Synergy Alignment – We research current and target customer sustainability agendas for synergy alignment opportunities.
    • Meet customer sustainability compliance requests in the form of: scorecards, environmental impact disclosures (Carbon Disclosure Project), and sustainability goal commitments.
    • Proposal of initiatives that help meet common goals to delivery multi-level environmental, social, and economic wins.
  • Supply Chain Sustainability Partnerships

    Managing the Supply Chain to align and complement your sustainability agenda and goals.

    From source to conversion to manufacture to customer to consumer we analyze your supply chain and identify the opportunity areas to improve the sustainability while striving to deliver value and cost improvements as well. We then partner with you in the change management process to deliver a smooth development and implementation of the supply chain initiatives.

    Sustainable Procurement
    To support your organization’s sustainability strategy and goals we will partner with your procurement group to establish the policies and guidelines for suppliers to follow.  We also develop and establish supplier scorecards to monitor performance versus your policy and guidelines.

    Our sustainable procurement services:

    • Sustainability Driven Cost Savings
    • Procurement Policy
    • Guidelines
    • Supplier Scorecards
    • Social Compliance
  • NGO Alliance Partnerships

    NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) partnerships are often an untapped area that can deliver huge mutual benefits.

    We welcome the opportunity for a discussion about analyzing your organization and providing advisory and guidance on NGO partnerships that can take your sustainability progress and performance to a whole new authentic level.