Sustainability Marketing: Research, Story, and Claims

Engage. Resonate and Connect. Sustainability Marketing.

When it comes to marketing sustainability, our aim is to achieve the right balance by having the sustainability message and achievements compliment and enhance your brand.

The sustainability marketing support we’ve provided has resulted in client experiences ranging from:

  • Understanding of the sustainability landscape (industry specific), competitor activity, and benchmarks that inform strategic marketing steps.
  • Elevated sustainability stories that are engaging and authentic while making the achievements and their magnitude tangible with the audience.
  • Informed claims that provide solid footing to stand upon.


Our services span:
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  • Market Research & Green Portfolio Advisory

    • Market research and analysis on your current portfolio, competition, and industry to assist in formulating your strategy for sustainable products and services.
    • Green product portfolio creation or revision.
  • Story Development

    What is your sustainability story?

    We provide our creative and innovative thinking to develop your environmental and social responsibility stories to resonate and connect by addressing and delivering:

    • The right sustainability value points…
    • To the right audience…
    • A meaningful and relevant story…


  • Environmental Marketing Claims

    Your environmental marketing claims must stand the litmus test of green washing.

    We help address claims in the following ways;

    • Development
 & Guidance – We can provide full claim development support and/or guidance to your marketing team on environmental product and packaging claims.  Claims are developed in accordance with regulatory guidelines and international standards.
    • Verification
 – We conduct a thorough review to verify your claims. As part of our review we check the claims to assure they meet regulatory requirements, are relevant, are justified and not a form of green-washing.