Environmental Impact

Measuring and reducing the environmental footprint and impacts at organizational and product design levels. We challenge the status quo and frequently demonstrate cost savings from these activities.

The environmental impact support we’ve provided has resulted in client experiences ranging from:

  • Clear picture on hotspots.
  • Identified material and resource inflow-outflow illustrating sustainable vs. unsustainable consumption dynamics from business actions.
  • Visibility on product/package design and business operations impact areas.
  • Reduced and managed waste output by business operations borne to environment and society.
  • Spotlight on cost reductions realized.


Our services span:
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  • Energy Programs

    Energy source and intensity, often is one of the biggest generators of climate change greenhouse gas emissions. We help address energy and the correlating emissions through the following pathways:

    • Reduction – Energy reduction programs through efficiency gains.
    • Renewables –  Source options and feasibility
  • Carbon Neutral: Offsets + Social

    Managing your emissions beyond the diligence of achieving energy use efficiencies and maximizing renewable energy source use, we help organizations become carbon neutral through offset programs that provide a double benefit of eco impact and social responsibility.   Carbon neutral + helping people meet their needs.  Call us to discuss.

  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

    We conduct Life Cycle Impact Analysis on product and packaging materials to define baseline environmental impacts and monitor performance over time. We also run LCA models and apply the learning during new item design phase, redesigns, and cost savings projects to help inform the most sustainable solution.
  • Recycling Programs

    We analyze recycling program opportunities and facilitate implementation throughout your supply chain to reduce operational environmental impact. Our aim is to bring value through identifying;

    • Recycling to New Revenue – We bring our creative ideas to the table and help develop new revenue opportunities through your recycling efforts.
    • Closed Loop – We identify the path to design your operations for closed loop recycling ensuring the materials are recovered and do not end up in landfills or as litter.
  • Waste Programs

    We take a step-wise approach by identifying reduction opportunities for implementation. Then we help you take the next step by developing programs to achieve the optimal goal of “Zero Waste”.